The Restless Sojourner

Born into a world that is not my own,
Desperately longing to be called home.
My heart is restless in this foreign place,
But there is work to do; and I will run this race.

Until my last year of high school, I had kept my writing mostly to myself, for various reasons. In that year, a good man who I had never met before paused on his way to the pulpit to ask me if I wrote, and to tell me not to stop – that it was a gift.
Since that day I have often wanted to stop. It has seemed pointless (other than to relieve my mind of the incessant thoughts swimming through it every day) and it has often found disapproval with people I care about; even admire. I have deleted blog pages, removed posts, and even removed followers to try and keep people from reading my thoughts. I have told myself silence is the better option.
Yet in those times, God is gracious enough to prompt me and encourage me in another way to continue.
Though I may be unable to see the purpose of this creative outlet, I trust that it is shaping me for wherever the Spirit may lead me; and that He will guide me to continually refine the skills He has given. And I hope that along the way, it can inspire, help, challenge, and grow others in pursuit of Truth, Love, and Life.

‘Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You.
I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.”‘

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