Suppression and Discipleship

True discipleship to Christ requires denying yourself and suppressing those desires of the flesh which wage war against our souls. (Why laws against suppression are an attack against Christianity)

Over-Commitment to Christ?

Mistakes and failures are nothing to be ashamed of compared to my willingness to downplay my passion for Christ – and His passion for us – because it might make others feel uncomfortable.

Liar, Liar.

Inspired by Clayton Jennings' song 'Dear Anxiety', I wrote this poem last year about battling depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide.

I Saw the Kingdom Come

There is a disillusionment toward the church today which can only be mended by authentic and Christ-centred community. When I saw that community in action, I saw the Kingdom of God on earth.

Strained Devotions

It can be very difficult for me to read my bible sometimes. My mind races at a million miles an hour, and even when all distractions are put away, I am so very easily distracted. It has taken me about a month just to read three chapters of Ephesians in my devotion time. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

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