Scattered in the Wind Like Dust

Discredited and dishonoured by those who once saw greatness in me. I'm sure if their prophecies had been physical gifts, they would demand that their words be returned. Not quite free in the churches of tradition, but not quite welcome in the church I once called home. Mistrusted by both, because I don't fit the... Continue Reading →

God of Wonders

The God of light who commands the armies of angels. The God Who Was, and Is, and Who Will Be. This is our God; the One we worship. This is my Father, who gently stirs me from my sleep, and holds me in the love and safety of His arms.

I Do Not Stand With Folau

I do not stand with Israel Folau, and it is neither helpful nor necessary, nor wise, nor Biblical, for other Christians to "stand" with him as has been recently proposed.

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