79 Days

80 days ago, Aiia Maasarwe was catching a tram home.
Yesterday, I wore a dress.

41 days ago, I spent an entire night crying out to God in bitterness and anguish.
Tonight, I should be writing an essay on prayer.

The Song of the Mountainside

The song of the mountainside; Birds sing it from above The earth sings it from below The breeze meets with the trees And their leaves join the song. The fading sunlight listens While it pulls away from the day. It dances to the music Golden light pours over the land. The air is cool and... Continue Reading →

Leave A Light On

In Tom Walker’s song ‘Leave a Light On’, there is a picture of the prodigal son. It is not only God’s role to wait and embrace the returning prodigal. As we have freely received the grace of God, we must freely give it. It is our duty, as disciples of Christ, to act as the father - waiting for our prodigal sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends to come back to their home and to their identity as children of God.

I Will Soar

A piece of (abstract) poetry I wrote when deciding to make a difficult, faith-fuelled decision to leave an old life behind and follow God with no reserve.

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