I am a Christian, studying at theological college, and a personal trainer who was once studying Exercise and Sports Science and intending on going intopexels-photo-261820 athlete development. I write to challenge people to think outside of their comfort zone, and to grow and pursue purpose and truth.

It is my hope that my experiences – including my battle with mental illness, my walk as a Christian, my journey through injury and rehabilitation, and my work as a personal trainer – will offer insights that can encourage others, and that can inspire people to love and to think.

I know I am still young, and I am still learning. I don’t presume to know everything, and know that I will make mistakes. I pray that God’s grace will work even through those mistakes, and that I will learn from them and become wiser, for the glory of God.

“I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.”
– Augustine

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