Why I Left My Church

Enough people now have asked me for the particulars surrounding why I stopped attending Planetshakers last year. While initially I had no real intention to answer this question with great depth, I will do so publicly in the hope that it will provide some correction to misconduct.
So, for those wanting to know the truth, this is my answer.

I knew for many years, before I ever even considered studying theology, that I would not be at Planetshakers forever. However, the time for me to move on came much sooner than originally anticipated.

Earlier last year, I sat down with my pastor and told him what I was feeling. Expecting him to try and convince me to stay, I was surprised to hear that he too felt it was coming time for me to move into a new season, in a new church.

To put it simply, I couldn’t go any further in the direction that God is calling me whilst staying where I was.
It took me about a year to even properly come to terms with this. I kept trying to find reasons to stay, and for this reason (that I stayed longer than what I should have), I was frustrated and bordering on angsty by the time I actually decided to leave.
But the truth is that I would not be the person I am today, with the faith that I have, in the place that I’m in, if Planetshakers hadn’t grown in me a deep passion and love for God’s Word. I owe so much of my spiritual growth and faith in God’s provision to that church and its leaders; and while I disagree with some of their theology and practise, it is clear that they have an anointing from God in their ministry.


It wasn’t due to mistreatment. Nor to heresy, nor to bitterness. God was revealing to me that it was time to leave; and that’s why I left.
It is not the leaders of Planetshakers that need to check their heart or practise – it’s those who are asking me why I left in the hopes of partaking in gossip and slander of God’s own church (or of me, for that matter).
We are all One Body – Christ’s. If you don’t like their music, or agree with their preaching, don’t listen to them. But don’t ever try to tell me that they are not doing God’s will.

Planetshakers Church is doing great things for the gospel. They could do some things better; so could I, and so could every other church. But it is obvious to see that God is working in them and through them, for the glory of His name. I was sad to leave, and am so grateful for everything I was taught and encouraged in during my time with them. I truly miss their energy and passion for God’s heart, the music (let’s be honest), my leaders, and the people I served with; and I hope that one day, in some way, I might be able to partner with them in the work of the Kingdom.


Praise God for His church.

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