Scattered in the Wind Like Dust

Discredited and dishonoured by those who once saw greatness in me.

I’m sure if their prophecies had been physical gifts, they would demand that their words be returned.

Not quite free in the churches of tradition, but not quite welcome in the church I once called home.

Mistrusted by both, because I don’t fit the moulds they have set.

The words I speak are declared invalid.


Searching for truth on an empty road.

An outcast, with a desire to serve the Lord in the ministry of the church, but without a church to be ordained in.

The hopes I’ve had since I was a little girl to preach the Word of God seem to be vanishing before me.

The words pertaining to a life in ministry that were spoken over me are scattered in the wind like dust.

Where do I go from here, when the dust blinds me from the road I must travel?

Where do I go from here, when God falls silent at my request to find a purpose?

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