For the People, Not the Powerful

[This post about abortion may trigger strong emotions. Please don’t mistake my passion for judgement or condemnation – I am aware that this issue is not always clear cut, and that care must be given to the mental well-being of a mother who is considering or has undergone an abortion. Please reach out to your doctor if you are experiencing poor mental health as a result of past experience or reading something that triggers a negative emotional response. I’m sorry that Christians have historically been unsupportive, unwilling to listen, judgemental or aggressive in their approach on these debates. God’s love is unconditional, and nothing you have done will ever disqualify you from a relationship with Jesus; from His forgiveness, love and healing]


‘For the people, not the powerful.’
This was the catch-cry of the Australian Socialist Party this election. But I ask, what people are more powerless than preborn infants?

As I went to place my vote during the state elections, I was barely out of my car before I was set upon by campaigners. One young man I spoke to was promoting the Socialist Party. Firstly, I want to commend him and others who voted for this party for their social awareness and desire to help those who are struggling with illness, addiction, homelessness, violence and injustice. Many of my ‘socialist’ friends are some of the most caring and compassionate people I know (I like to tell them it’s their inherent, though unrecognised, knowledge of God at work in them… they usually don’t take well to it).

I brought up the topic of abortion, and how I don’t tend to agree with socialist views on the matter and this is why I have reservations about voting for such a political party. The young campaigner, to his credit, acknowledged that we disagree on the topic, but continued talking as though it was an insignificant obstacle that isn’t big enough, really, to affect how I vote.
To many people in our society, it isn’t.

I heard a preacher once talk about abortion in a sermon. He was saying that a strategy Nazis used in their propaganda against Jewish people was to dehumanise them. Please, don’t let the gravity of this horrifying truth pass you by. They convinced people that a Jewish person was less than a human life. Now, we are being told the same of preborn infants.
While I have heard left-wing activists liken conservatives to Nazis, I have never known a conservative (Christian) to dehumanise anyone. A fetus is a human life by scientific fact. We were all once fetuses. It’s not a mysterious happening that we all grew up to be humans.
And I ask you – why is it that we grieve for a miscarried baby, but promote the murder of another? What makes one infant worthy of our grief and the other deserving of death?

I don’t believe this is a black and white issue. It is very complex, with many layers to look at and consider. But I solemnly believe that unborn babies deserve protection.

There is a very personal reason that my heart aches for the preborn. If those who promote ‘pro-choice’ rights could have seen the trajectory of my childhood and adolescence, and could have seen the situation I was going to be born into, they would have strongly suggested my mother abort me – both for her benefit and “for mine”. I saw things no child should have to see. Things happened to me that no child should have to endure. I spent much of my teenage and young adult years wishing that I would die, or that I had never been born. I was unplanned, and a financial strain on my family in a home that was ‘unsupportive’ and, at times, unsafe, with a mother who was (a few years after my birth) emotionally and mentally unstable.

If my parents had not been Christians, there is a very good chance that I may have been wilfully terminated.

I’m not saying these things to earn pity-agreement, and I’m not saying them out of spite, or any kind of bitterness (I thank God that I am able to empathise with others who have faced trauma and family hardship) – I’m only trying to paint a picture of the truth.
While I struggled deeply with mental illness, all of society told me that my life is worth the struggle. That death is not the answer, because I am unique, valuable, and have a place here on earth. Friends, family, communities, organisations and doctors fought for me to keep living.
If I was in the womb today, they would fight for my death.

This life, that is so precious to society now, is the same life that was in my mother’s womb. Children killed through abortion are my brothers and sisters. How many lives like mine are being snuffed out because of inconvenience? How many voices, like mine, are being silenced before they can be heard? How many beautiful children will be legally put to death before they can see the outside of the womb, because of a deeply selfish society?

I can feed a homeless man, and I can find help for a drug-addicted woman, but I cannot save my baby brother or baby sister from a merciless death any other way than by voting for those who have the power to. There is no person more powerless than a preborn baby, and none more deserving of protection.

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