The Song of the Mountainside

The song of the mountainside;
Birds sing it from above
The earth sings it from below
The breeze meets with the trees
And their leaves join the song.
The fading sunlight listens
While it pulls away from the day.
It dances to the music
Golden light pours over the land.
The air is cool and damp
Refreshing all that it touches
And the music continues on
As the day fades away.
The sound of rushing water carries across
From far off in the distance
And animals add their footsteps
While running to the night.
As the sun says goodbye to the day that was
It reaches out across the sky.
The mountainside lets it go
Knowing they will meet again.
The breeze softens to just a breath
Colour spills across the sky
And the voice of the mountain lifts
Ancient, haunting — beautiful
The song of the mountainside.

Photo by André Cook from Pexels

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