I Will Soar

I have seen it at a distance, becoming closer and larger each day. And each day, more beautiful.

The edge of a cliff – a very high, very steep cliff. I cannot see what lies beyond its ledge, as though it is hidden by clouds. Yet I know that there lies my freedom. My long-awaited liberation.

In all logic and worldly knowledge, I should be afraid to fall from this cliff. It would surely mean certain death; losing everything.

But as the ledge rushes to meet me – as my feet hit the ground while I run – I am finally at peace. A peace I knew only in my youth. A peace that could not be found on the solid ground of the mountain I climbed.

So as my feet leave this ground to meet the clouds, I am not falling off the cliff. I am leaping off it.

I am flung from the secure land that crippled me into the peaceful unknown. Into the clouds that hide from me my next destination. I will only know it when I reach it. I do not look back at the path I once followed, but joyously embrace the wind. Now I am all in, and there is no turning back; yet I know that I will soar on wings like eagles.

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